Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Create Alias Email To Avoid Spam Mails

I believe everyone has at least an email account, some people register a secondary email account just for forum registration, some for gaming accounts.

Multiple email accounts will get our main account spam free, but it has its bad too. We need to remember multiple email addresses and passwords. That is a pain for me.

There is some lazy people like me, used to be use only one universal email account for everything, including online banking, forum, gaming, facebook and etc.

Using one universal email account for everything online actually has pros and cons.
The pros are you don't need to sign in into multiple email accounts, don't need to remember so many email accounts and passwords. (sometimes it can be very confusing)
The cons  you will get a lot of spam mails which come out from nowhere you know. And it is very annoying.
Today I'm gonna share an alternative which combines the pro of using multiple email accounts and the pro of using one universal email account - ALIAS EMAIL.

Hotmail has decided to make a new move after they allowed users to use Hotmail with any email address. In February 2011, it introduces alias email. It allows user to create an alias email without signing up any new account. And the incoming email for the alias email can be sent to a specified folder. Besides, the email accounts also can be removed easily.

This is how it works:
1. First log into your hotmail account.
2. Then click on the Settings icon next to Inbox.
3. Select Create a Hotmail Alias like the picture shown below:

4. You will be prompted to input your email account password again for security purpose.
5. Enter the email address of your alias email and click create an alias.

6. Now the last step is your will be given an option to put your alias email's incoming mail to a specified Folder or just put them in the regular Inbox.

It is recommended that always put your alias email's incoming email into a specified Folder. It can helps to avoid spam mails to show in your mail Inbox and can be managed easily. (delete,etc)

You can send emails from the alias by just clicking on your email address and select the alias email when you are composing your new email messages.

There are only few options for the domain, I believe that it is shown based on user's country. For example I got, and because I am staying in Malaysia.

Remember, you can't sign in with alias email :D

Enjoy spam free email environment!

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