Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Listen to Pandora Music Station Without Using VPN

Update 7th May 2012: HTTPS enforcing to unblock Pandora is no longer works.

HTTPS offers better security by encrypting our communications on the internet. It is a good practice for everyone start practicing to use HTTPS for online browsing.

Few weeks after we shared how to listen to Pandora Music Station using Spotflux VPN, we found another way which can actually do the trick without using any VPN services.

This way pretty much simpler and easy to use. All you need is enforce Pandora to use HTTPS.

Use HTTPS Everywhere

It offers both Firefox Plugin and Chrome Extension (Beta).

Many websites are already listed in the HTTPS Everywhere list, including Pandora. Therefore, you can just go to Pandora and listen to your favorite musics now without adding it into the list. Last but not least, users can add or remove websites from the enforcement list as they like.

Enjoy your favorite musics online at Pandora Music Station now. Cheers!

Behind the Scenes: 
Why Pandora is Accessible By Enforcing it to use HTTPS outside of USA?
Answer: Well, one of the reasons could be Pandora is not listening to the packet header in HTTPS therefore our IP address is unknown to them.. Pandora could have aware of this little "bug", they might fix it in anytime, just guessing. Anyway, enjoy Pandora Music Station!

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Listen to Spotify Using Spotflux VPN

Good day.

Today I am going to share how to listen to Spotify music service using Spotflux VPN. Spotify limits user outside from United States from the registration to its service. To register, you need to use VPN to get yourself a United States IP address.

Simply refer to my previous post  regarding how to use a free for lifetime, no quota limitation VPN service - Spotflux VPN to listen to Pandora Online Radio Station.

One thing that Spotify made easier for its users is that it allows user to play the music outside from United States (in case its users travel to oversea) , which simply means you will not need to connect to Spotfiy using VPN every single time you want to listen to the musics from Spotify.

 But of course there is some limitation, a Spotify Free account only allow users to listen music outside from United States up to 14 days only. I guess you might need to reconnect your Spotflux VPN every 14 days. (I don't think there will be a problem since we can enjoy it all time)

The limitation does not apply to Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Premium Account. And with a simple email verification you can enjoy a Free 30 days Spotify Premium account Trial.

Once Your are Already Connected to Spotflux:

1. Register at Spotify, with Facebook account or create your own account.

2. After the registration has been done, go to this page to get a 30 days Free Spotify Premium Trial.
3. Complete the email verification and now you can enjoy unlimited free music from Spotify!

Finally, to listen to the music on Spotify, you will need to download and install Spotify desktop client. It has Mac and Windows platform ready, yet you can try it on your linux machine by running Spotify under Wine or try their Spotify for Linux Preview.
Download link: Here


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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Use Spotflux VPN To Listen To Pandora Radio Station

Today I'm gonna share a useful tips for who is staying outside of USA but, want to listen to Pandora Radion Station. For your information, Pandora Radio Station is currently only available in United States.

And according to Pandora's Privacy Policy:
Consent to processing
Use of Pandora internet radio outside of the United States is a violation of our Terms of Use. Nevertheless, if you use the Service outside of the United States, you fully understand and unambiguously consent to the transfer of such personal information to, and the collection and processing of such personal information in the United States and other countries or territories. The laws on holding personal information in the United States may vary and be less stringent than laws of your state or country.
 Therefore, use this trick as your own risks :)

As title of this post, we will use VPN service to access to the Pandora Radio Station ie we will get ourselves a US IP Address. I tried to Google "free usa vpn" and it popped out a bunch of VPN service provider in the search results which most of them does not:

  • Offers a free vpn account or
  • Limited time for free account or
  • Have to reconnect every couple minutes or
  • Limited quota eg. 1Gb or 2Gb which definitely not suitable for radio streaming
 Eventually I manged to find a VPN service provider which offers a Totally FOC, Unlimited quota vpn service - Spotflux ( formerly RaptorVPN )

How to do the Setup:

1. First go to Spotflux, download and install their client. (There is MAC and Windows version)
2. After the installation you will be prompted to restart your windows
3. Launch the Spotflux launcher and you will see:

4. Click Enable button and wait for a few seconds for the client to connect to the server. 
5. After the connection to the server has been established, the client will be automatically minimized to the tray icon bar and you will be redirected to Spotflux's official website.

6. Now, go to Google and type "IP" you will see your IP is now changed. (Refer to this post)

7. Enjoy your Pandora Radio Station now! Cheers

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Create Alias Email To Avoid Spam Mails

I believe everyone has at least an email account, some people register a secondary email account just for forum registration, some for gaming accounts.

Multiple email accounts will get our main account spam free, but it has its bad too. We need to remember multiple email addresses and passwords. That is a pain for me.

There is some lazy people like me, used to be use only one universal email account for everything, including online banking, forum, gaming, facebook and etc.

Using one universal email account for everything online actually has pros and cons.
The pros are you don't need to sign in into multiple email accounts, don't need to remember so many email accounts and passwords. (sometimes it can be very confusing)
The cons  you will get a lot of spam mails which come out from nowhere you know. And it is very annoying.
Today I'm gonna share an alternative which combines the pro of using multiple email accounts and the pro of using one universal email account - ALIAS EMAIL.

Hotmail has decided to make a new move after they allowed users to use Hotmail with any email address. In February 2011, it introduces alias email. It allows user to create an alias email without signing up any new account. And the incoming email for the alias email can be sent to a specified folder. Besides, the email accounts also can be removed easily.

This is how it works:
1. First log into your hotmail account.
2. Then click on the Settings icon next to Inbox.
3. Select Create a Hotmail Alias like the picture shown below:

4. You will be prompted to input your email account password again for security purpose.
5. Enter the email address of your alias email and click create an alias.

6. Now the last step is your will be given an option to put your alias email's incoming mail to a specified Folder or just put them in the regular Inbox.

It is recommended that always put your alias email's incoming email into a specified Folder. It can helps to avoid spam mails to show in your mail Inbox and can be managed easily. (delete,etc)

You can send emails from the alias by just clicking on your email address and select the alias email when you are composing your new email messages.

There are only few options for the domain, I believe that it is shown based on user's country. For example I got @hotmail.com, @hotmail.my and @live.com.my because I am staying in Malaysia.

Remember, you can't sign in with alias email :D

Enjoy spam free email environment!

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Securely Sign In Your Google Account on Public Without Typing

Nowadays smartphone is very common, I bought one android phone for myself as well in year 2011. Today I am gonna share a way to sign in our Google Account in public (eg. cyber cafe, shared computers and etc.) without typing anything. Hence, we don't need to worry about any keyloggers.

This is how it works:

First, We need a smartphone, Android or Iphone, with a QR code scanner application installed and you already sign in your Google Account on your phone. (Android user can find Barcode Scanner in Market, it is free. Iphone user can download Scan on Apple Apps Store and it is free as well.

On the public computer, go to Sesame - Google Accounts. You will see a QR code picture, scan the picture with your barcode scanner.

Select "Open Browser" 

You will be redirected to this page:

Select either "Start with Gmail" or "Start with iGoogle" and you can see magically your web browser on public/shared computer is now logged in.


Written by Eddy@CR

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sharing Free Wondershare 1-Click PC Care Giveaway

Just find out there is a free Wondershare 1-Click PC Care giveaway today. And the time is limited >_< it is valid until 16-1-2012 1200AM PST / 3PM GMT+8 in Malaysia.

What Wondershare 1-Click PC Care can do?
Quote from the Official Website:
Revive your PC life with just 1-click.
Speed up PC, clean up junk files, and fix errors.
Increase PC stability and protect your privacy.
360° PC health and performance check.
Eliminate PC Crashes & Freezes.

How To Get the Free Giveaway:

  1. Go to Here.
  2. Click the Link to play a mini game on Youtube to get the free code or go to Step 4.
  3. There are few parts in the video, find the right answer to rescue santa from the evil goblin. (Pretty easy, spend few minutes you will get the code)
  4. Alternatively you can just type the code "happy new year" but there is no fun if we do this, spend some time to give support to Wondershare will not be so hard :) 
  5. Finally you can enter the free code and you will be redirected into the download page.
  6. Fill in your personal details and the code will be sent to your mailbox.
  7. Enjoy Wondershare 1-Click PC Care.
Download the installer HERE.


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Friday, 13 January 2012

Firefox Use NoScriot To Enjoy Ads-Free Browsing Experience

I believe most of the people hates annoying pop up ads and in-line ads. In fact, ads slows down our internet browsing speed.

Today I would like to introduce a way to give us a better browsing experience. Yes, Ads-Free, Safer Browsing, Faster Browsing Speed, and Clean Browsing.

NoScript, a powerful Firefox addon which will do the job for us. Install NoScript here.

Once you are prompted to restart your browser, NoScript is ready.

How to Use NoScript:
  1. By default all the scripts are disabled on every website you go, in this case it simply means you are already enjoying ads-free and faster browsing experience.
  2. But you wouldn't want to disabled all scripts to be disabled. The reason why is because some contents of the website might not be viewable or some javascript function might no be able to function properly.
  3. So the next thing to do is enable the non-ads scripts.
  4. Go to the top left and click on NoScript icon. Select "Allow" or "Temporary Allow" your trusted scripts.

In order to save your time, simply add your favorite websites into the whitelist.
Click Options and go to Whitelist Tab and enter your favorite websites. Enjoy fast and cleaning browsing now.


This post is only available to Firefox Users. For Google Chrome users, refer my another post Here.

Written By Charles@CR