Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Listen to Spotify Using Spotflux VPN

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Today I am going to share how to listen to Spotify music service using Spotflux VPN. Spotify limits user outside from United States from the registration to its service. To register, you need to use VPN to get yourself a United States IP address.

Simply refer to my previous post  regarding how to use a free for lifetime, no quota limitation VPN service - Spotflux VPN to listen to Pandora Online Radio Station.

One thing that Spotify made easier for its users is that it allows user to play the music outside from United States (in case its users travel to oversea) , which simply means you will not need to connect to Spotfiy using VPN every single time you want to listen to the musics from Spotify.

 But of course there is some limitation, a Spotify Free account only allow users to listen music outside from United States up to 14 days only. I guess you might need to reconnect your Spotflux VPN every 14 days. (I don't think there will be a problem since we can enjoy it all time)

The limitation does not apply to Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Premium Account. And with a simple email verification you can enjoy a Free 30 days Spotify Premium account Trial.

Once Your are Already Connected to Spotflux:

1. Register at Spotify, with Facebook account or create your own account.

2. After the registration has been done, go to this page to get a 30 days Free Spotify Premium Trial.
3. Complete the email verification and now you can enjoy unlimited free music from Spotify!

Finally, to listen to the music on Spotify, you will need to download and install Spotify desktop client. It has Mac and Windows platform ready, yet you can try it on your linux machine by running Spotify under Wine or try their Spotify for Linux Preview.
Download link: Here


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  1. I tried the new Spotflux and I'm really disappointed. It's slow and unstable.
    I wish them well but I don't think they are going to survive having such competition like SecurityKISS with reliable and fast servers in many countries even in the free version.