Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Use Spotflux VPN To Listen To Pandora Radio Station

Today I'm gonna share a useful tips for who is staying outside of USA but, want to listen to Pandora Radion Station. For your information, Pandora Radio Station is currently only available in United States.

And according to Pandora's Privacy Policy:
Consent to processing
Use of Pandora internet radio outside of the United States is a violation of our Terms of Use. Nevertheless, if you use the Service outside of the United States, you fully understand and unambiguously consent to the transfer of such personal information to, and the collection and processing of such personal information in the United States and other countries or territories. The laws on holding personal information in the United States may vary and be less stringent than laws of your state or country.
 Therefore, use this trick as your own risks :)

As title of this post, we will use VPN service to access to the Pandora Radio Station ie we will get ourselves a US IP Address. I tried to Google "free usa vpn" and it popped out a bunch of VPN service provider in the search results which most of them does not:

  • Offers a free vpn account or
  • Limited time for free account or
  • Have to reconnect every couple minutes or
  • Limited quota eg. 1Gb or 2Gb which definitely not suitable for radio streaming
 Eventually I manged to find a VPN service provider which offers a Totally FOC, Unlimited quota vpn service - Spotflux ( formerly RaptorVPN )

How to do the Setup:

1. First go to Spotflux, download and install their client. (There is MAC and Windows version)
2. After the installation you will be prompted to restart your windows
3. Launch the Spotflux launcher and you will see:

4. Click Enable button and wait for a few seconds for the client to connect to the server. 
5. After the connection to the server has been established, the client will be automatically minimized to the tray icon bar and you will be redirected to Spotflux's official website.

6. Now, go to Google and type "IP" you will see your IP is now changed. (Refer to this post)

7. Enjoy your Pandora Radio Station now! Cheers

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