Friday, 13 January 2012

Firefox Use NoScriot To Enjoy Ads-Free Browsing Experience

I believe most of the people hates annoying pop up ads and in-line ads. In fact, ads slows down our internet browsing speed.

Today I would like to introduce a way to give us a better browsing experience. Yes, Ads-Free, Safer Browsing, Faster Browsing Speed, and Clean Browsing.

NoScript, a powerful Firefox addon which will do the job for us. Install NoScript here.

Once you are prompted to restart your browser, NoScript is ready.

How to Use NoScript:
  1. By default all the scripts are disabled on every website you go, in this case it simply means you are already enjoying ads-free and faster browsing experience.
  2. But you wouldn't want to disabled all scripts to be disabled. The reason why is because some contents of the website might not be viewable or some javascript function might no be able to function properly.
  3. So the next thing to do is enable the non-ads scripts.
  4. Go to the top left and click on NoScript icon. Select "Allow" or "Temporary Allow" your trusted scripts.

In order to save your time, simply add your favorite websites into the whitelist.
Click Options and go to Whitelist Tab and enter your favorite websites. Enjoy fast and cleaning browsing now.


This post is only available to Firefox Users. For Google Chrome users, refer my another post Here.

Written By Charles@CR

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