Friday, 6 January 2012

Adobe SendNow - An Alternative Way to Send Big File Sizes Files

Ever encountered the problem when you trying to attach a file in your email but the file size was too big? Every email clients has its email attachment limits, such as Google and Hotmail offer maximum 25MB file size of attachment in a single email.

Usually we can use some famous online file sharing service websites such as Media FireMega UploadRapid Share and etc. We can upload our files and just include the file links in the email. Our email recipients just need to click on the link and download the files we share.

There are pros and cons of using free online file sharing services:
1. Free account is allow to upload files
2. Download links can be shared

1. Free account always come with ads
2. Upload speed and download speed limitation
3. Waiting time for free account
4. And more

Here is an alternative: Adobe SendNow

It offers:
1. 500MB space for free accounts
2. Maximum 100MB file size
3. Audio and Video files supported
4. Constant download speed from server (around 255KB/s when I try to download file)

How to use it? It is very simple. Simply sign up for a free account by clicking on "Try for free" button.

Then select "Try now" and fill everything to sign up yourself to a free account. Verify your account and then you are ready to use Adobe Sendnow.

To use Adobe Sendnow, you can choose to log in from web browser at
Download the Outlook Plugin to enable it in your Outlook email client.

Download its Desktop Application at

Besides, with desktop app, you can:
  • Get direct access to SendNow without a browser.
  • Transfer large files with drag and drop.
  • Save the settings you last used.
  • Available at no extra charge.

Moreover, large document you received or sent, can be convert into pdf by just one-click.

However, the are some limitations for free account:
- Only one file can be uploaded or downloaded per transaction
- File expiration at 7 days

To have full features, simply sign up the Basic Plan at $9.99 per month and Plus Plan at $15.83 per month.

But it has one constraint that it doesn't support compressed files, and many file types.

.7z .cpl .hlp .jse .pif .sit .ws
.bash .crt .hta .ksh .rar .tcsh .zsh
.bat .csh .inf .lnk .retg .tgz
.cab .dat .ins .mdb .scr .ttf
.chm .dfont .isp .ms .sct .vb
.cmd .dll .jar .otf .sh .vy1
.com .exe .js .pcd .shs .war

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